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41-year-old Vanessa Tanasio of Australia was clinically dead for 42 minutes. However, through the efforts of paramedics and doctors as well as an automatic chest compression machine, she got a second chance at life.In the daily rush of urgent tasks and crammed schedules, life has a way of stopping us in our tracks and forcing us to think about what is really important. 41-year-old Vanessa Tanasio got such a reminder after she survived being clinically dead for 42 minutes. When she woke up, she wrote one word: “kids.”A mother of two, ages 9 and 11, Vanessa was about to get her kids to school when she had her first heart attack. Paramedics re-started Vanessa’s heart with defibrillator shocks. At a local Melbourne hospital, Vanessa had another heart attack. Doctors used a chest compression machine they call “the thumper.” It worked automatically for over 30 minutes to keep blood flowing to Vanessa’s brain and other vital organs so they could continue to function. While the thumper worked, doctors unblocked one of Vanessa’s major arteries, and her heart started beating again. Vanessa said, “For someone who has been dead for nearly an hour I am feeling tremendously well” While she never had prior heart problems, she has quit smoking, which has been shown to cause heart disease.