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Subscribe! Follow Us On Twitter Become a Real Fan Age Legends is Now Playable offline for free. Hey guys, what's going on? Happy Wednesday!I don't usually play a lot of Facebook games- but EA's Dragon Age Legends was awesome and unfortunately died some untimely death earlier this week. The good news in all of this- is the dev team was smart and re-released the game as a single-player title, available as a free download .You run the game on Adobe Air, so make sure you download the program and install it. The only real downside to playing offline- is you won't be able to invite friends or buy any microtransaction-based items. But the fact that you can play the game offline- forever, regardless of EA's server status, gets a big thumbs up!Going forward- I'd like to see more dev teams going in this direction. It sucks to get pulled into an online game that gets canned- cause then you can never play it again. But yay, Dragon Age Legends for making moves in the right direction. So, you guys planning on playing Dragon Age Legends offline? Let me know. In the meantime, make sure you subscribe to Clevver Games. I'm Hailey Bright and I'll be back with more of your gaming news.Tags: "dragon age legends" "dragon age" legends playable offline free "free to play" f2p clevver games hailey