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Subscribe! Follow Us On Twitter Become a Real Fan So last week, one of my favorite games of the last few years, Skyrim, got it's first DLC, and it was a doozy. Dawnguard was no ordinary DLC, it was a full fledged expansion onto this game. And now that I've been able to put some real time into it, I can give it an honest review. Let's see how this game did..Off the bat, for 20 dollars you're getting some new achievements and new quest thatll last you around 20 hours if you try to do everything and some other cool features. Let's start with the story..You have the ability to choose your path here, become a vampire lord and help out this group of vampires, or join the dawnguard and become the vampire hunter. For the sake of reviewing this game, I went with the vampires to get a feel for that. Going through this, I just had this constant thought, you all just met me, why are you trusting me with this kind of mission??!? But really, nothing stood out as spectacular, it was very, Skyrimmy. Go here, collect this, go there, kill those. THough there were some cool moments, like when 3 dragons popped out from under the ice I was standing on, then I had to take on three dragons in the first challengeing moment of this DLC. But over all, it was long, but nothing mind blowing. .Next thing to stand out were the promise of crossbows. Every archer couldn't wait to get there hands on a cross bow, but honestly, there wasn't much there after the first few minutes of oooooh, new and shiny. It was strong, but I found my bow and good arrows got the job done faster and better. But once I was able to get a dragon's bow. Yes, dragon bone weapons were new this time around as well, it was all over. Cool feature in essence to add to the world of SKyrim, but not too necesarry. .Horseback riding. Yeah, you can do it, but you still have the argument of necessity vs bad assery. Yeah you can do it, it...