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Man Lights Toilet Seat on Fire At Convenience Store - as part of the news series by GeoBeats.Delinquents often commit petty and comical crimes. Take for instance, a recent report concerning a 36-year-old Kentucky man who found himself in trouble after an incident that involved a toilet seat. Louisville Metro Police were dispatched to a Speedway store after employees found the man, James Crittenden in the bathroom, setting fire to a toilet seat. According to reports, he set the blaze due to “religious reasons”, however police caught up with Crittenden and noted that he had red eyes and reeked of alcohol. Late in July, law enforcement was called to a ValueMarket store after a report of someone inhaling "Reddi-wip" cream. Crittenden was again the culprit in question, telling police “he was huffing the cans in an attempt to wake up, and stated that the U.S. Constitution allows him the authority to huff Reddi-wip.”In another bizarre crime two crooks were caught on surveillance taking a toilet seat from the restroom of a courthouse. The police officers jokingly noted - "It's been said they had been at a hearing. They clearly thought what was said was crap."