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5 Poisonous Foods That Humans Eat - as part of the news and politics series by GeoBeats.Here are the 5 poisonous foods from around the world:Number 5 are the Death Cap Mushrooms. They are considered highly toxic and are responsible for majority of mushroom related deaths worldwide. Even consumption of one death cap is enough to kill a person. Early this year, 2 people died in Canberra, Australia after eating these mushrooms at a new year's eve party.Number 4 - is the Ackee fruit, the national fruit of Jamaica. The yellow flesh which surrounds the toxic black seeds is the only edible part of the fruit. A word of caution - It should only be eaten when it is ripe. Its improper consumption can cause vomiting or even death.Number 3 - Rhubarb, a dark leafy vegetable with red stem is commonly used for making pies and desserts. Although the stems are safe to consume, its leaves contain high amounts of toxic oxalic acids. Eating them can cause diarrhea. The vegetable can even be fatal if consumed in high quantities.Number 2 is Cassava, a popular food source in tropical countries. The roots of this plant if consumed unwashed, raw, or improperly cooked can trigger production of cyanide, an extremely deadly chemical compound. Numbers 1 may be a surprise to you. Cherries are well known for their sweet delicious flavor. However, not many people know that the pit of a cherry is poisonous and if chewed produces cyanide, a toxic chemical compound. That being said, consuming a single pit is not harmful, one needs to consume them in high volume to notice symptoms of poisoning.