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Beggars Kept Behind Bars At Temple Fair - as part of the news series by GeoBeats.Managing panhandling is a complex problem and most governments don't have a good solution.During the Temple Fair in Nanchang, China, tourists and residents come to pray at a Buddhist site. However the area is also filled with beggars during the event’s duration. To help with this influx, officials set up relief areas. The stations provided shelter along with free food and water, but one aspect sparked major controversy. The metal bars surrounding the relief stations looked like the beggars were in a makeshift public jail or cage and the begging bowls were placed outside the posts. Social activists are in an uproar over the incident, but authorities claim the cage-like area was set up for safety measures, so the beggars wouldn’t get stomped on by the many fair attendees.Earlier this year, government officials in Shanghai were under scrutiny after a campaign dubbed “Say No to Beggars On the Metro” was launched. Travelers were told to report scroungers via a phone hotline or social media website. Local police made the beggar’s identities public on a repeat offenders list online.Do you think these are appropriate measures to curb begging?