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Nigla[h] I Video Clip by Sebkha-Chott [1](from The Ne[XXX]t Epilog 2012 LP) [2]- Ohreland Wideo Kommunikation Zewiz - Tupac Promoductions -Copyright Sebkha-Chott v.2012 - Copyleft: this art is free art, feel free to use it following the terms of Free Art License 1.3 [3]. You might find this video in HD downloadable format on [4].Sound from The Ne[XXX]t Epilog [2]Videos taped on 2012-07-28/29/30Executive producer / Captation: Antoine .GStarring: Albano, Fontrex, K-Marillo, Lahfass Karcher, Malcolm, Souv Ponky Ponk, Tupac Promo, Vodkha, Wladimir Ohrelianov II, Yüla SlipobitchLocations: MJC Prévert - Le Mans (France) [5] / Musée de la musique mécanique - Dollon (France) [6] / Ferme de la Grande Rivière - Saint Michel de Chavaigne (France) [7]Produced with kdenlive[8].[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8]