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Three friends, of different financial status, different upbringing, and different personalities. As a part of college excursion, they visit "Keesara Gutta", where they abuse lord shiva out of their plain naive nature of teenagers. Like he has two wives, and he has set a model of having a second wife in the society. a saint, who happens to hear this conversation, gets upset and scolds them. He says "You are not too great to abuse god" and cursed them they shall face a lot of trouble in their lives. Later, shockingly, all the three girls sufferred step wife issues. Dit it happen as a result of some devine involvement? or it was just a coincidence? We arent sure how this happened. Husband and wife relations should not only have fondness for bonds and a but also some xxx. Expressing this same message in different perspectives and suggesting several ways of adjusting a relation for a happy married life through several charechters and situations in a way that moves people and entertains them at the same time is the motive of "Neelo Sagam"