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What is SILVIA?The Association for Computing Machinery - Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)Leslie Spring discusses SILVIA: A Practical Hybrid Approach for Conversational Intelligence.This talk describes a top-down, product development oriented approach to architecting a conversationally intelligent software system. Cognitive Code's SILVIA platform is used as an example of a system that is representative of this approach.The SILVIA platform employs a number of known methods within its implementation. The SILVIA platform also incorporates a number of new, unique methods, as well as new applications of known methods. However, independent of the platform's algorithmic components, the overall SILVIA architecture and implementation was developed with an eye toward rapid product prototyping and development.As such a system, SILVIA derives many of its elements from disparate development disciplines such as game engines and content management systems. It is proposed that a more general hybrid system not only creates an environment conducive to rapid development and deployment across multiple markets, but also may exhibit the desirable property of emergent behavior via the interaction of its integrated components - Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)