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Please visit is studying at the film academy when fate strikes. The student suffers from his first psychosis, but refuses to get help, leading him into a negative spiral. Bart is played by Wouter de Jong, known from his role as Milan Verhagen in ‘Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden’. Other actors include Frederik de Groot, Timo Ottevanger, Sijtze van der Meer and Vincent van Ommen.The screenplay for the drama is based on the personal experiences of Bas Labruyère. The 35 year-old director suffers from the disease schizophrenia, and had to deal with psychoses himself. He only sought treatment in a psychiatric clinic after three years. After his recovery, he wrote a letter to share his experiences with family and friends. Encouraged by his psychiatrist Wim Veling, he decided to turn the letter into a movie.Lost Years is the first film allowing the viewer to experience a psychosis through the eyes of someone who has lived it. The project was made possible thanks to support from pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, Stroom Den Haag, the Nuts Ohra Fund and the Koningsheide Foundation. The parties involved in the film wish to draw attention to early signs of psychosis. The film was produced by JensenFrisbee in cooperation with Parnassia The Hague, psycho-medical care.Every year, 3000 Dutch youths develop a first psychosis. While it often seems unexpected, there are usually warning signals. Because these signals are often missed, their lives are already severely affected by the time they seek help. The earlier a psychosis or signs thereof are treated, the less impact it has, and the better the chances of recover.Written and directed by: Bas LabruyèreProduced by: Robert LabruyèreCountry of production: The NetherlandsYear of production: 2010Visit the movie's page on IMDb: