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Love, Lust and Revenge ... and That's Just the Beginning! In 1975 in a small Southwest Virginia coal mining town a series of sadistic murders took place ending on Christmas Eve with the killing of Manson Kilmore, that may or may not have been the real killer. He later became a mere urban legend.Lilith introduces her gay friend Bill Richardson to John Catobey and then proceeds to tell Bill's pregnant wife, Dawn, where to catch her husband cheating on her by having sex with another man.The next day, Dawn tells Kate, Bill Richardson's girlfriend, what she found out. Later that day - Dawn was murdered.A few days later Manson Kilmore catches Catobey with his wife and threatens him with a gun but lets him go.Kate plans to tell everyone that John and Bill are homosexuals. Richardson kidnaps Kate and her baby son. He abuses her for a week and starves the baby. After cutting her head off, he rapes her.One by one all of the rest are murdered and Manson is blamed for the murders. Then he is beaten to death.