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or - Click to Subscribe! - Become a Fan! - Follow Us!Michael Shannon talks last night's 'Boardwalk Empire,' Hey guys, IM Tatiana carrier and Ive got the latest on Boardwalk Empire.Micheal Shannon recently spoke to Entertainment Weekly and we have the Boarwalk Empire Scoop.Last night's episode ofBoardwalk Empire marked a pivotal turning point for lawman Nelson Van Alden, who has spent the first half of this season trying to keep his baby mama Lucy a secret from his loving wife. When asked about Van Alden justifying his relationship to Lucy to himself and if his plan to give this baby to his wife? Shannon said, "The idea was that he could somehow get away with claiming that this baby was left on a quote-unquote doorstep. He somehow managed to almost pull it off. If you step away and look at it, it is a ludicrous plan."When asked about his characters transofrmation, he said, "It's like he's underwater, and he's trying to get back to the surface. Last season, he was very focused on what was going on around him: The external. This season, he's very focused on himself, and trying to salvage himself."He also touched on the other projects he is working on....and the differences between doing tv one day and movie the next, he said, The difference is, when you go to Boardwalk Empire, you're living your life. It's not just this one story where you know the beginning, and the middle, and the end, and then it's over. You know that it's going to continue. After a season of being in Van Alden's shoes, and worrying about all the various things he has to worry about, it's nice to go off and put on another costume. It gets to be a little uncomfortable. I sometimes wonder how much more the poor fellow can take."So are you guys fans of Boarwalk empire? Let us know by commenting below and keep it locked right here on clevver mvoies for all the latest movie news!