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You will be amazed at how fast and how much fun it can be to cure long-held phobias. For years, Richard Bandler has been freeing people from phobias by using his famous NLP Fast Phobia Cure. Now you have the chance to watch him banish three deep-seated fears in a fascinating new DVD that shows how anyone can be freed from their phobias, quickly and easily. In this programme you will see how Richard banishes: Arachnaphobia - a woman with an overwhelming fear of spiders learns that tarantulas really are okay to hold in the palm of her hand. Ophidiophobia - be amazed at how quickly Richard helps someone get determined enough to touch a snake - and even wear it round their neck. Claustrophobia - watch how laughter helps to overcome a deeply emotional fear, freeing a woman to become completely unafraid of confined spaces. Filmed in front of a live audience at one of his NLP Practitioner trainings in London, this fascinating DVD shows how he utilises different representational systems to get the change his clients want: see how "spinning feelings" can make even the most terrifying events so much more easy. Notice how changing the sub-modalities of an internal image can take away the fear. Hear how "stupid voices" really do help people overcome their fears. And of course, Richard uses plenty of carefully placed language, as well as hypnosis to banish these phobias for good.