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How to Reduce Clutter in Pantry - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. Here are some tips for you to reduce clutter in your pantry. These containers are great. They are clear, they have a sealed top so no bugs or anything can get inside of your food. And you also know when things are getting low and it is time to restock. They fit together nicely because they are all squared and they have solid edges so you are able to stack them, you are able to put them side by side and you are able to fit so much more into your pantry that you may not normally be able to do. Another great tip is to stack things. So if you have cans that are similar, go ahead and stack them. They also have shelves that you can purchase, that way you can see cans if there is one in back of the other. Those you can find at your local store as well, in the kitchen area. Another great tip is to use open containers. This is really great also for kids foods, snacks, if they are going to be coming in and getting things and grabbing to go for the day, this is a really great idea. No matter what the size is, as long as it is open in the front you can go ahead and pull items out as well as it is easy to restock too. Something that I would suggest doing in your pantry is going through and making sure there are not expired items in there. You may have had a can sitting in your pantry for a really long time that you did not realize is not even good any more and it is just taking up wasted space. So go through regularly and pare down on what you might have in there. Another thing that works really great is to have a unit in your pantry that has shelves in it, they are little drawers actually so when you have loose things like oatmeal that you would normally stick into a box you can actually just put in here and when it starts to dwindle down you can just add more to it, you are not having a box of it taking up the area. So things like this would be for loose packets for drinks, hot chocolates, prote...