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Republicans may have made Mitt Romney's day with the presidential nomination - but it was Dirty Harry himself who nearly hijacked the show with an attack on President Barack Obama - all addressed to an empty chair. Eastwood's cameo appearance at the Republican National Convention seemed to thrill many in the audience, but was widely panned across political spectrums. After his speech the phrase "Eastwooding" went viral on the Internet, and pictures of people with empty chairs filled Twitter. Obama's own Twitter account posted a picture of him sitting in a chair marked "The President" with the comment, "This seat's taken". And plenty of celebs also joined in on the fun. Comedian Chris Rock tweeted: "Clint Eastwood on the phone with Obama now: "It all went according to plan, sir." While Mia Farrow, Zach Braff and Olivia Munn also sent out messages from their official Twitter accounts.