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Many Chinese citizens got a surprise when they read the results of a recent survey by Beijing University Social Sciences Department. On August 5th, the China Population Development Report released figures regarding homeownership and housing in China. The survey found that 84.7% owned their own homes. To put that in perspective, the most recent survey by the US Census Bureau found that US homeownership was around 67%.But beyond the surprisingly high rate of homeownership was the survey's findings regarding the kinds of homes people were living in. The average home in China, according to the report, was 1252 square feet, with each person having around 387 square feet.Many netizens reacted with surprise to the findings and began their own independent polls on line. Some couldn't believe the findings.NTD also made some calls to get reactions from people living in China.[Beijing Scholar]:"Mine is a little more than 50 square meters (538 square feet). I live with my wife and son. I absolutely do not believe (the survey), because in Beijing too many people do not have houses. I don't have the numbers, but I really don't believe what they say, because the housing problem in China is currently a very serious problem. Why are house prices are being lowered, if house prices are high, then absolutely nobody can afford a house."The report has not been published to the outside world, but has been reported by state-run media in the Mainland.For more news and videos visit ☛ http://english.ntdtv.comFollow us on Twitter ☛ us on Facebook ☛