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At a news conference in California, NASA scientists release images from the Mars rover Curiosity showing the surface of the red planet.NASA's Mike Malin introduced a video compilation of more than 200 images showing the rover's landing.[Mike Malin, NASA, Spokesman]:"It is an engineering experiment just to watch it. But, the pictures are very pretty."Images sent back to earth from the rover show aspects of the surface of Mars, including dark dunes and impact craters as well as dust moving below the robot.NASA also released high resolution images taken from the rover.One showed Mars' Mount Sharp and another showed part of the rim of the Gale Crater shortly after the rover landed.The one-ton, six-wheeled laboratory nailed an intricate and risky touchdown late on Sunday.The landing was a major initial hurdle for a two-year, $2.5 billion project whose primary focus is chemistry and geology.For more news and videos visit ➡ ‪‬Follow us on Twitter ➡ ‪‬Add us on Facebook ➡ ‪