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Last Wednesday, President of NTD Television Canada, Joe Wang, received a call from the home of his brother in eastern Anhui province. The call was not from his brother though. Instead, it was an agent from the Chinese regime’s Ministry of State Security. The purpose of the call was to tell Mr. Wang to tone down his station’s critical reporting of China’s ruling Communist Party. Mr. Wang says the security agent intended to threaten him. [Joe Wang, President of NTD Canada]:"They already have my number, and they choose to go to my brother to call me together. That in itself is a threat."And this is not the first time the head of NTD’s affiliate in Canada has been contacted by Chinese agents.[Joe Wang, President of NTD Canada]:"Yes, it is actually nothing new. It has happened before. It was my first time though to talk to this officer on the phone. It used to be there was somebody sitting next to my brother, and he would talk to me. But this time I got the officer on the phone."Mr. Wang says Chinese authorities fear the content his station broadcasts. Like NTD, our Canadian-based affiliate reports on issues considered sensitive, or taboo by Chinese media. Most recently these include the scandals embroiling fallen Communist official Bo Xilai and his wife Gu Kailai - scandals like the allegation of forced organ harvesting of Falun Gong practitioners, and the couple’s possible link to the sale of bodies to plastination plants. [Joe Wang, President of NTD Canada]:"The authorities are doing everything possible to silence NTD, including putting a threat to my family back in China. But I told them directly on the phone, that it’s not going to happen. NTD will have to report on what is going on in China."NTD Television Canada began broadcasting on local cable television in September 2008. In 2010, the Chinese Embassy in Toronto illegally confiscated the Canadian Passport of an employee of NTD Canada, when he tried to apply for a Visa to return to China. The passport was...