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After analyzing and scoring Microsoft’s E3 2013 performance, I’m back to critique Sony and determine if Microsoft truly did “kill” their performance, THIS IS NICK’S GAMING VIEW! Hello everyone and welcome to Nick’s Gaming View, you are here with your host, Nick McCandless. Jack Tretton hit the stage and after their usual showcase video, PlayStation Vita was the topic of discussion. Announcing 85 brand new games would be making their way to Vita in 2013 including Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate, Killzone: Mercenary, Tearaway, and more. The PlayStation 2 hits, God of War and God of War II as well as Final Fantasy X and X-2 were confirmed to release as HD versions on the Vita as well as the hit downloadable PSN release, Flower and Dead Nation. Making a huge Vita announcement, Sony confirmed Telltale Games is working on Vita for The Walking Dead franchise and revealed the next episode in the franchise titled, 400 Days, will be making its way to the Vita. In celebration of the announcement, Sony also confirmed The Walking Dead bundle including the Vita, entire first season of the game, the new episode, and exclusive bonus content. Sony moved on to discuss PlayStation 3 making it clear that the console had plenty of life remaining. Showcasing a new trailer for The Last of Us and revealing the release is the highest rated video game in all of 2012 and 2013 thus far, Sony emphasized the strength of the platform by also showing Puppeteer, Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, Gran Turismo 6, Batman: Arkham Origins, and finally Grand Theft Auto V. Along with the release of Grand Theft Auto V on September 17th, Sony has partnered with Rockstar Games on a bundle including a 500GB PS3, a copy of Grand Theft Auto V, and Sony’s surround sound headset Grand Theft Auto V-themed, for just $299. Sony then showed the PlayStation 4 console for the very first time and as one who saw it in person on the show floor, I must say I’m impressed by how sleek the console is despite the power integrated...