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In this guide I try to explain the methods I came across to fix my Borderlands 2 disc read error problem, I was getting them all the time and it was just making the game unplayable (most are when this happens so often). I researched a lot into it and found nothing, so I started moving random files onto the USB to see if it was a problem with some of the saved files, before all this I took the Xbox apart to check lens and everything (it seemed shinier then ever). After that I knew it had to be something with either the CD itself or something further, the game is brand new so I figured it wasn't that, and I didn't want to believe it lol, so I kept digging.Disc Read Error - Steps: ( 1:04 )1. Open Xbox Guide with the Xbox logo button on controller.2. Scroll all the way over to the outer right tab.3. Click System Settings.4. Go into the Storage option.5. Go into the Games and Apps folder.6. Find your Borderlands 2 data and open.7. Scroll down until you see Compatibility Pack 1/2.8. Select both of them one at a time, and simply click the Move option.9. Then when prompted, move them into the USB or alternate device.10. When you go in game use the normal save device to start your game.Special Edition Skin/Reclaim - Steps: ( 3:11 )1. Start any new level 1 character (the one you want the skin on mainly).2. Play the character long enough to view your inventory.3. You can then use the skins from there, and they will now be on your main character.4. If you really want to play it safe, or would like to bank it, go into Claptrap's home (where he takes you at start of game).5. Then hard right from the stove fire, there is a door you can open (in here will be a stash you share loot with on all characters).6. You can then go to Sanctuary and use the stash there (after completing some of Claptrap's questlines).(I do not know if this works on PS3 but your welcome to give it a try.)*Music* done with a keyboard -by: meHope my voice wasn't to much of a shock for any of you :P.I appreciate everyone's continued support and I really hope to become more active with my Youtube videos. I plan to do a Microsoft Paint tutorial soon with my voice as well as I go through tips and tricks I have learned and picked up along the way, also my opinions on Paint for Windows 7+.Don't forget to like and subscribe if you would like to see more videos like this. I hope you guys really enjoyed and most of all hope this video helped anyone with the same problems I've been running into on my Xbox games, because I know that feeling of constantly getting disconnected mid-game lol (and know one deserves that)....and for those of you who do not own Borderlands 2, you should get it because it's the badassest game of badassitude. ;)