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We all have desires to find human faces in landscapes. An innovative project searches for such faces using google maps. The human drive to recognize facial features in random landscapes is so common there’s actually a name for it – pareidolia. Now there’s a whole web project devoted to it as well.A German design studio, Onformative, has created Google Faces – a system that searches Google Maps for objects in nature that have features reminiscent of human facial ones.When paired with a facial recognition program, the criteria of what constitutes a face are refined and can even pick out things a person would miss. The system has managed to make a few latitudinal laps around the globe, but the goal is to scan all of the planet on all of Google’s zoom settings. In other words, it’s going to be a while before the results are ready.While you wait, you can always do a manual flip through some of what Google has to offer. Or you could just go outside.How often do you see faces in landscapes around you? What kinds of faces have you seen?