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A school board transfers students within schools to boost rating.One school board in East Baton Rouge, Louisiana is forcing around 100 gifted students to transfer to another school. They hope the students will raise the other school’s average scores from failing to at least 75 out of 200 – the minimum required by the state Board of Elementary and Secondary Education to avoid a state takeover. Some parents spoke out against the decision, which passed in a 10 to 0 vote by the East Baton Rouge Parish School Board. The parents think that while the transfer might help the school’s average rating, it might be detrimental to the gifted and talented students who are subject to changing schools. One parent said “Even though the campuses are close in distance, their environments are miles away.” Another way of handling low test scores has landed the Superintendent of schools in El Paso, Texas in prison. Former Superintendent Lorenzo Garcia got a minimum three year prison sentence partly for trying to get students who had low test scores to drop out of school.In another example of an unsavory way to boost test scores, 35 school officials in Atlanta were accused of faking student test scores to get a better rating.