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Cute Baby Rhino Runs Riot BOUNDING firmly in his mother's heavy footsteps, this cute baby rhino looks as playful as a spring lamb. Safari tour guide Robyn Bamber, 23, captured photos of the cute baby animal leaping and posing for the camera on a trip in South Africa. The 42kg baby rhino jumped, spun and kicked, then charged at Robyn and guests, with his 1800kg mum standing behind him as back up. The cute baby rhino came as close as about 1.5m from the truck, giving everyone a little snort of pride before turning back and disappearing off into a bush. Robyn spotted the mother and baby rhinos at the end of a half day game drive safari for Heritage Tours & Safaris in St. Lucia, South Africa."At first sight the little rhino had me in awe," Robyn said. "Then shortly after scrambling for my camera, he had guests and myself all entertained and laughing." "The female rhino started to make her way up the road away from us with the little rhino racing ahead. "Then, as if to say, 'Mom watch this', the little rhino came charging straight towards us." On average, South Africa is losing 2.2 rhinos a day due to poaching. Many Asian countries have a huge demand for rhino horns, because they believe it is an aphrodisiac. White rhinos are born weighing between 40 and 65kg. A fully grown female can weigh between 1,400-1,700kg, and males a whopping 2,000-3,600kg. For more amazing footage of the amazing side of life, visit the Barcroft Media website: Like Barcroft Media on Facebook: Follow Barcroft Media on Twitter: