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Unmarried Chinese ladies are being deemed 'leftover women'. Many educated and successful ladies are proud to be single. In China, females over the age of 27 are being declared “leftover women” by the government.The media began using the term several years back due to the gender imbalance from selective abortions caused by the one-child rule in China. Figures from the National Bureau of Statistics state there are approximately 20 million more men than women under the age of 30. However Chinese men tend to marry down, choosing women who are less educated and younger, leaving older educated women unmarried. The government wants to improve the quality of the population, and some believe to prevent all the single men out possibly causing social unrest. Several local administrations have organized matchmaking events where successful females can meet equally established bachelors.In a noteworthy study from 2011, researchers found that single males could die 17 years earlier than their attached counterparts and single females could pass away 15 years earlier. The lead author of the research states “If you’re a couple, a spouse may be after you to eat better and go the doctor. Sometimes it’s just easier to be healthier and less of a risk taker when you’re married.”