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EXP(LOV)ISE - Part 4-+> Show @ Opus Café, Paris, 19th October 07, Zbell Monday Evening.-/> Stéfanus Vivens: Usine, piano, keyboard-\> Lembe Lokk: vocals, texts, Fxs, vocal sampling-|> Viktor Furiani: video performer==> Exp(lov)ise creates a very personal universe that draws on multiple sources: improvisations from Ambient-(Dub)-Drum'n’ bass to European nu-slam-jazz. Its compositions are continually renewed and reinvented according to the sets. Both delicate and violent, constructing ethereal climates or intense rhythms, this musical and visual trio transports those who love the bizarre as well as dance floor addicts. Music made from soft vocals and orchestral textures but also from disto-piano solos and extreme repetitions, along with trash, sampled and chaotic voices…Improvised video projections that are rhythmic and highly coloured adapt perfectly to the spirit of the music and bring a powerful visual addition to the already strong presence of the musicians. Exp(lov)ise perpetually interacts with its public and they become one.Colours, rhythm and emotion…-)> Complet Duration of Exp(lov)ise Set : 1 hour to 1 hour and 15 minutes.-[> Minimal configuration : 2 musician and 1 VJ.We are autonomous in video. -{> Video & Sound Recording by us is possible.-+>Our website:>Thanks to urban Rescue ( for organisation and invitation, Opus Café for hospitality.