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Snood Blaster takes the hugely popular Snood brand, originally available for PC and Mac, and adapts it to the mobile platform with some remarkable enhancements.The heart of Snood Blaster is the simple, yet immensely addictive puzzle game. Clear the level by shooting colourful Snoods to the rows of Snood above, matching three or more of the same colour to remove them from the playing field. Under this very approachable and easy to pick up basic premise lie huge possibilities for clever moves, large combos and big scores.The basic puzzle gameplay is further spiced up by the total of seven different game modes that all challenge the player in different ways.On top of the smooth, polished gameplay Snood Blaster adds a completely new level of playing: a meta game called House of Snoods. It puts all the player’s actions and achievements in context, creating completely new reasons to spend more time with the game and explore everything it has to offer. It also adds a new kind of long-term planning to the game, binding several levels and game modes together.The gaming experience is completed by a crisp, colourful graphics that make the Snoods look better than ever before, and catchy background music! Key Features:•Familiar, addicting gameplay of Snood with fine-tuned controls carefully adapted for mobile devices.•New meta game House of Snoods that adds new kind of longevity and context into the game, binding a string of levels and different game modes together.•Seven different game modes: two familiar from previous Snood games and five completely new ones.•A graphical overhaul, creating a new, polished and stylized look for the Snoods.•Flexible saving and loading options to allow saving and continuing the game whenever there is need.To get Snood Blaster simply text Snood to 88188. The game costs £4.50 which is a one off charge.