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hey now, what up people!!!This be the next segment of the 'blues explosion'....CAN U DIG IT!!!In the spirit of the holidays, and good cheer and all of that shit...Here is "Ron Paul Christmas".The song was conceived this's a one take slop fest....but's 'christmas'I wrote it directly after opening an email from some fucker who shined some hate towards me, cause I'm a worthless hippie, and, well, he don't like me...and lots of other real flattering stuff.As much as l'd like to say that the inspiration to write this came from that warm and fuzzy feeling that x-mas extends to all 'k-mart shoppers'...I wasn't as much divinely inspired as 'divinely pissed off'.It's the endless abuse and lies that are being aimed at Ron Paul and anyone who endorses Ron Paul and 'FREEDOM'...anyone who go's against the grain is being labeled a domestic terrorist.This is some serious shit going down right now, don't think twice. For the higher ups and their minions, they will continue to climb into the pit of lies and deceit to protect the good f*&^%& they've been giving us since the crusades.If they could have there way...the earth would be flat again....cause they said so! is Christmas. I'll drop the 'bah-humbug' routine!!!Merry Christmas everyone!!!or Happy Hanukkah or 'good cheer'whatever it is that makes the kids smile!!"9/11 Conspiracy Blues" CD available at: on itunes-rhapsody-emusic-yahoo