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Interview with:  Kristine StoutBio:Kristine Stout is a mother of three and grandmother of four living in Clinton Township, Michigan with her husband Kirt.  Kristine has been playing the piano since she was eight years old, and her mother and grandmother were both piano teachers and church musicians.  She studied music at Central Michigan University and has been playing handbells solo since 1995.  Her daughter Heidi graduated from Concordia University in Ann Arbor, Michigan in 2002 and she and her husband Paul live in Seymour, Indiana, and are both teachers.    Kristine’s step-son Jacob graduated Cedarville University in Cedarville, Ohio in May of 2008 as an elementary education/music major.  He and his wife Tiffany live in Williamsburg, Michigan.  And her daughter Connie graduated high school in December 2003 and lives in Kalkaska, Michigan. Her grandchildren are Nickodeamus , Alexandria, Hazel, and Seamus (pronounced Shay-mus).  Her husband Kirt was an engineer and surveyor at their former residence (Kalkaska, Michigan), and was general manager at “The Joybell Theater and Gift Shop”, which the two of them owned and operated from 2002 through 2009, and he is now full time business manager for “Joybell”, their traveling handbell ministry.  Together they travel all over the United States, averaging 150 shows per year.Solo ringing is a fairly rare form of musical expression.  Normally, for 37 handbells there are 11 or 12 people to play them.  This is called a handbell choir.  To ring all these bells all by yourself is not usual.  Kristine’s solo ringing combines her special choreography with handbell “weaving”, a way of handling the handbells so  they remain in keyboard order throughout a song.  There are quite a few soloists in the world, but Kristine is one of only a handful of professional soloists in the United States.  She has over 100 songs memorized now, and has produced 7 CDs and a DVD/video presentation called “The Joybell Show”.   Visit her website at, and follow her on “Facebook”.Kristine Stout: handbell soloistWebsite: www.joybelltheater.comEmail:  handbell_lady@yahoo.comToll free number:  1-800-462-12241Like us on Facebook at “Joybell” Send a Facebook Friend Request at “Kristine Stout”QuestionsTell us a little about yourself and how you started in HandbellsWhat are you currently doing with HandbellsWhen you are not playing/directing/composing what do you like to do?What is your current Handbell Project/Product/Group?Are you working on any CDs, DVDs, Arrangements, Compositions or other product?If you could change one aspect of the Handbell world...what would you change?SongWebsite: the show

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