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or : Twitter/SoldierOfAllah2 : FaceBook/SoldierOfAllah2 : Downloads/SoldierOfAllah2So Let's Take A Look At The Film That Sparked All This Anger, Snippets Of Which Are On YouTube, The 14 Minute Trailer Of What Supposed To Be A 2 Hour Film Was First Posted Online In Early July. Called The Innocence Of Muslims An Allegedly Costing 5 Million Dollars To Make Which Insults the Prophet Muhammad, Depicting Him, As A Fraud, A Womaniser And A Paedophile, The Writer And Director Of The Film Is Said To Be A Man, Calls Himself Sam Bacile From California.Muhammad PBUH Is A Man Like You've Never Read About, This Is Why We Get So Angry, Maybe A Lot Of Us Overreacted, Yes, We Overreacted, But If Someone Insulted Your Mother, Most Of Us Probably Overreact, Just Because We Love Them So Much, We Love Them So Much, Because He Gave Us This Pure Religion, This Great Way Of Life, This Is A Way Of Life, Period.Allah SWT Consuls Our Prophet SAW, By Telling Him, That Many Were The Prophets That Came Before You And All Of Them Were Ridiculed And Mocked, Many Were The Man That Came Before You And What Happened To Them, They Were Mocked And Ridiculed, They Were Talked About In A Very Mean And A Contumacious Fashion And Of A Surety, You Will Hear, You Will Hear From Them Much That Will Cause You Hurt And Grief, It's Going to Cause You A Lot Of Hurt And Pain.The Prophet SAW Never, He Never Wore Silk, He Never Wore Gold, He Never Dressed Arrogantly, He Never Walked Proud, Arrogant! He Never Appeared In Front Of People Like He Was A King Or An Emperor, Even Though He Was Absolute Ruler.When He First Started His Message, And I Think You Remember This Very Well, When He Started His Message, They Came To Him And They Said: Leave This, If It's Money You Want, We'll Give You Money, If It's Women You Want, We'll Give You Women, So Leave It, He Was Actually Very Rich Before Becoming A Prophet And Became Poor After Becoming A Prophet.The Fact The Prophet SAW Married A'aysha At The Age Of 9, None Of The Enemies Of Islam Found This Problematic, Abu Jahl, Abu Talib, I Mean None Of The Enemies Of Islam Found This Problematic, It Was Culturally Acceptable, Just Like 200-300 Years Ago It Was Absolutely Acceptable For A 14 Year Old Girl To Get Married, Back Track Another 1000 Years, The Age Of 9, The Age Of 10 Was A Mature Age For Those People Culturally, It's A Cultural Value That Has Changed,The Prophet SAW And The Sahaba Never Attacked Caravans Unconditionally, They Attacked The 'Quraysh', There's A Big Difference, There's A Big Difference To Say That He Used To Attack Caravans All Over Arabia And He Used To Attack The 'Quraysh', Because Of 13 Years Of Oppression, Because Of Being Expelled From Their Own Countries And Lands, Because Of Confiscating Their Property, The 'Quraysh' Expelled The Muslims, Took Over All Their Money, The Sahaba Had No Money When They Left For Madinah, The 'Muhajiroon', These People Wronged Us, We Have The Right To Do This Back To them Only, The Sahaba Never Attacked Caravans From Other Tribes, Only The 'Quraysh', So It's A Factual Statement That Is Being Distorted.You Will No Doubt About It, Definitely, I Swear To It, You Will Definitely Hear It From Thos Who Are Given The Book Much Before You, Who Is He Talking About? The Jews And The Christians, Israelites And The Christians, He Says, No Doubt About It, You Will Get To Hear From Them A Lot Of Painful Words, Is That Happening Today? Are They Saying Horrendous Things About The Book Of Allah? About The Messenger Of Allah SAW? About The Muslims In General? They'll Come Out And Say, Ahh Muslims Are Terrorist, They'll Say Horrendous Things About Allah's Messenger SAW And We Have To Hear These Things, But Now Allah Says: Now That You Get To Hear These Things, What Should Be Your Reactions? What Should Be Your Reaction And This Is Where We Have To Be Harsh On Ourselves, Muslims Nowadays Have Become Nothing But Emotional Puppets, They Know Exactly How We're Going To Respond And They Things To Us So We Work Exactly According To Their Plan, Come Out And Burn A Couple Of Cars In The Muslim World Or Protest And Yell And Scream, We Don't Act In A Calm, Collective, Calculated Fashion, Which Is The Way Of Allah's Messenger SAW, When We Hear Empty Reverent Like This, What Should We Do? Allah Himself Says: And If You're Able To Be Patient, Patience Actually Means Controlling Your Emotions And Holding Yourself Back And Continuing To Fear Allah, Then This Is From The Most Noble Deeds You Can Do, Our Patience Speaks Volume, Our Patience Speaks Volume, Our Yelling And Screaming Is More Detrimental.