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or - See the promos! - Become a Fan! - Follow Us! I'm Joslyn Davis for CLevverTV and based on the previews out for MTV's show Punk'd, it's safe to say that the network has definitely struck gold for the second time with this series. Granted, we haven't actually seen a full episode yet, but the promos feature some of the entertainment world's top stars. A few weeks back, we brought you news on how exactly Miley Cyrus punked Khloe Kardashian and now it seems as though the tables might turn in another episode of the show. Miley Cyrus and her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth will be involved in an episode together where two naked people attempt to hop into Miley's car. The promo for this prank has us slightly confused as to whether or not Miley is the punker or punkee, because she sounds pretty riled up about the nudists getting into her car. "Punk'd" will also feature a stellar reaction from Taylor Swift, who is taken completely off guard by Justin Bieber. We're not sure how exactly Justin will be pranking Taylor, but we do know that it involves a lot of fireworks from Japan, a boat being set on fire, and Taylor pressing a button. Regardless, Taylor is completely freaked out, and lucky for us, we're just a few weeks out from Punk'd's TV return to MTV on Thursday March 29th at 10/9 central. So will you be watching? Let us know what you're expecting to see and which celebrity punking session will have you tuning in. For more 411 on Hollywood's finest ...