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On Feb 15th, I attended the Rick Santorum rally held in Fargo ND. I aimed several crucial, untouched questions at the senator but received zero response. I then aimed my attention at confronting the globalist on several issues where his policies are truly un-american including Iran, the NDAA, and central banking.A few minutes into my questioning I was physically attacked by a Santorum supporter and pushed 30 yards to the exit while being screamed at hysterically. I lingered around for a while and caught Rick once again to assure him that his New Order of government, which exiles sovereignty, will not succeed. After Rick exited left I spoke to his daughter for two minutes and caught her completely misrepresenting Ron Paul's stance on marijuana. This is when she made an issue of me filming our conversation and had me stopped by police and Santorum campaign members. This will be released soon in a separate video.Listen people, Slick Rick is status quo and means nothing but less sovereignty and more world politics. His campaign rhetoric, although often still publicly dangerous and scary, has been toned down and played to his political advantage. Wooing the crowd wasn't a problem for Rick, but hiding his true policies against freedom and individualism will be a much bigger task.Robert Wanek