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Remember to Like, Favorite and PIN me so you never miss a video. RT this video: get it on iTunes: update: New video with Epic Meal Time coming soon and were finally discussing plans for Heroes and Villains 2. #TeamDeStorm Starring DeStorm Power - Jessica Lesaca - Director Ethan Newberry - Producer Owen HIll Jr. - club friend - Jaslyn Ome - guy on phone - Shaun Spencer - Lyircs: intro your love is a maze and I lost my way now I can't find my, way out, way out Verse 1 it's barely lunch time I'm sending you another text no response, wondering if you got my other text you won't pick up the line the silence messing with my mind I'm laughing like it's fine but thinking where the f*ck your mother at at least she'll listen when I'm bitchin' heartbroken and she'll apply the patch like I just quit smoking it;s funny how emotions make it hard to accept when you're the 24th letter a non factor just an X it's weighing heavy on my chest like an over racked bench press is this really happening no Freddie Wong no VFX how you unfollow me ignore my friends request my homey said it's over but f*ck him I aint finished yet so I called you back I'm blowing up your line (I got Adele on repeat so f*ck you I'll be fine I'm just playing girl pick up the phone where you at) erase my call log time to pretend I'm OK Chorus lying to myself I'm OK but aint no way I can make this feeling go away ...