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Part. 1 Normal Ps2 Brings back SO many memories...of when i was a pup on youtube. this is Volts story in The Bouncer...funny thing is people have BEEN asking to see the other 2 characters but i just never got around to doing it...till now so to all of you that waited patiently this is for YOU :D i had a LOT of bootlegg fun up to a certain point that i got worked on a few times...but you know i always prevail ;D I hope you all enjoy this as much as i did making it :D and for people asking why i picked Volt over Kou....i dont like Kou so theres your answer :D when i used to play this game almost every day my main was Sion and my back up character was Volt. My Brother used Kou and ONLY Kou so i cant stand the fucker lol