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This is my remix of an original song by SaraSinger42: The video was shot by Sara's mother, singer and song writer Jackie Messenger: Sara is the sister of YouTube celebrity HomeStarRunnerTron (Skye), both part of a beautiful family who have always been wonderfully supportive of me. You may already be familiar with Skye's work, as he's the chap dancing to my remix of 'Up' in this video: This track came about almost immediately when I found Sara's channel. I wondered what her song would sound like with a beat, so I spent around 10 minutes knocking together a drum sequence before layering in her song. 45 minutes later, I seem to had spontaneously put together a complete track. The remix incorporates vocals and musical chords from some of Skye's favourite remixes of mine, including 'Bangarang' and 'Upular'. I wanted to make something familiar that I could surprise Skye and his family with. I hope it's hit the mark! Many thanks to Sara and her family for being so supportive over the years. I continue to check their channels for new videos every week!