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Check these guys out. They make crazy awesome music and wanted to share it with all of you! FUCK YEAH FREE MUSIC! LINKS BELOWWWW.Take a minute to check out this channel! for free (Like & download)!/veelamusicLyrics:"Hey commander, can you unplug me?Just for a minute, I need some privacy."Headset off and stretch her neck outDown the rocks to her head's safe houseYeah I remember if i'll bleed and shout out my callsThe air was so dustyHer armor getting rustyShe found thoughts she never hadHer young ones were just as badShe winced her weaponHole in her heart, feel like a ladyFingers apart, cold, rugged and waiting"I can't believe it, Jim, how did you know where to find me?I kept the feelings in and really thought it had cost me."Drops in her goggles aren't of loveSomething's really wrong and it feels awfulEven though her body's back to normalShe once was a villain and it's hiding in her soulI don't want to know what she didShe is not who I amAt least that's what I thoughtNow I'm second guessingI can't put my gun downMy suit's getting heavySomething wants to be releasedSomething dark inside meDark familiarity --She opened her eyes and watched the ruinsAnd thought of her life and love to loseShe shook out her lenses, they'd want her back soonThe moments alone becoming scarce and fewSure she could fight but she's getting visionsDeeds that were unspeakable and personally didShe couldn't pose a threat to the ghost like thisHe rescued her once, now it's her turn to save himChorus