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White House Press Secretary Jay Carnay comments about House action on the STOCK act which was passed by the Senate last week. "Now, this morning, very early when it was still dark out and I was sitting at my kitchen table reading the newspaper, I was shocked to see that even this simple bill would ensure that -- that would ensure, rather, that everyone plays by the rules is being weakened, behind closed doors, by House Republicans, who seem to be caving to pressure from Wall Street lobbyists. "We hope that's not what's happening. This should not be a partisan issue. After all, one of the amendments on registration requirements that, according to these press reports, is being stripped out of the bill by House Republicans was inserted into the bill by a Senate Republican. The anti-corruption amendment stripped out was offered by both Senator Leahy, a Democrat, and Senator Cornyn, a Republican. "This is something that Democrats and Republicans in the Senate worked together to write and pass. It would be a shame if House Republicans, led by the Majority Leader, at the urging of Wall Street interests and other inside-the-Beltway forces, watered down the tough but common-sense measures supported by Republicans and Democrats alike. The President has said that now is the time to take bold steps to fix the corrosive influence of money in politics, and this is something that Congress should take action on right away."