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Kansas City, you have been chosen! If you have been praying for restoration and unity, the King has spoken, and now is the time to move. If you are grieved over sin in the Church, if you have been crying out for revival, God has heard your prayer, and his fire has come. To purify. To purge. To prove. To judge. To start a fire in Kansas City that will be seen by the world. You will see dead bones come together and live. You will see denominations fall. You will see the gospel preached to the poor, and a culture of love established in this city. For the first time you will see the broken Bride marching in power, paving the road for her soon-coming King. The question is: Will you be marching with her? To find out what God requires of you as a church leader, click here: To find out how to participate as a layperson, click here: