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I love flying, well let’s say I used to love flying. Somehow between my first flight and currently flying “the magic” about traveling by plane has gone or better said flown far far away. It’s just too much hassle and pain. Flying these days is only fun if you can afford flying in Business / First Class. You can skip lanes, tons of leg room, great service. In a couple of days we will be flying to the US to see family and to drop off our doggy before going our next travel blog stop Sri Lanka.

This flight will be the longest trip EVER. Ohio to NYC. Then to Jordan and finally over to Colombo. This will take us 30 hours and we will lose 2 days!!!

We booked with Royal Jordanian Airways in economy class. I’ve read that their legroom in eco is decent but PLEASE if someone from their PR reads this, I’m almost 2 meter tall!!! And I would look just so fly in your awesome crown class. It’s super cozy!

Anyway, enjoy these fun crosswind landings taken during a storm in Düsselfdorf, Germany.

Video Link: Crosswind Landings

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