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"Police have come full force to Safe Ground & surrounding camps. Eviction eminent. There is nowhere for them to go. Shelters full." ~ @SafeGroundSac [ It's really hard to explain the feeling of powerlessness I felt today. But I guarantee my feelings don't even compare to the feelings of desperation my friends had while police were evicting them from their tents today. [ Those of you who have been with me for a bit have heard me say this before, so it's not new. Every now and then I will run into a homeless person that is so interesting to talk to I could send days just listening to them. Eli is one of them. I met Eli about a week ago in a tent city in Sacramento, California. I also met Robert [ and Jordan [ there, and a few others you will meet soon. Eli had his own business doing building remodeling and was an associate minister at a church for over 20 years. Because of the economy he lost everything, and when he shares about losing his books and jazz records I can feel his pain. I hope you can, too! "When we had jobs we were important. When we had homes we were important. When we had cars we were important. When we had bank accounts we were important" ~ Eli Trust me, Eli's interview is very powerful. Please watch it in it's entirety. Near the end, when Eli talks about rest being his 3rd wish, and that police keep threatening the campers with arrests, know that Eli stood up for what he believes and went to jail today. Eli ends the interview ...