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Justin Bieber Scare Tactics prank? According to an online news report Justin Bieber dies in a tragic car crash before Christmas but of course this online news report was fictitious and used to prank a girl. See how a little girl reacts to finding out that Justin Bieber died in this funny prank. A little girl's love for Justin Bieber is very strong but how will she handle the bad news about Justin Bieber? Will this little girl cry over Justin Bieber? Luckily this is only a prank and Justin Bieber is not dead. This is so funny you might die laughing. Yes I know it was a bad joke. Brianna did not know the camera was on since it was hidden under a camera bag with only the lens sticking out. This prank idea was suggested to us by: If you would like your prank idea used in our next video then be sure to keep posting your prank ideas!! Try this Justin Bieber prank on one of your friends and share their reactions here as a video response. Be sure to rate, comment and subscribe and share this video. Stay tuned for more funny prank videos. We will be doing a Justin Bieber parody music video soon.