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Remember to LIKE & FAVOURITE the hell out of the video if you enjoyed and for my hard work! :DSong:All The Things She Said - PESS Vs Tatu (Drum & Bass Remix)So here it is, a lot of time and effort into this 4 minutes and 30 seconds. It was a lot of fun and also a lot of aggro to produce but I felt worth it in the end. Almost all of these clips are on my old shitty internet connection too which was the route of most of my frustration. Over all this about 2 months of on and off work; I had weeks I wasn't at home and times I couldn't play.COD4 was the easier part of the montage to do, I was originally recording to make a COD4 montage for the summer for fun. That was of me playing VERY casually and recording in July. The other 3 COD's in August.WAW was an annoyance to get clips for. The constant hackers and lack of players were a real problem and made getting clips almost impossible. A lot of the time I was reduced to play 6v6 TDM, meaning my clips although some pretty good others are far from spectacular.MW2 was probably the hardest to record for. Lots of grenade launchers, last stand, painkillers etc all the usual crap x20 occured when I played; made me wonder how people got clips on the game. But the majority of my clips came on one very lucky day :PBlack Ops was a pain at first, but I eventually got into the groove of it and managed to get some really good clips. That 74u clip would have been a 4-5 man feed if HOWSON DIDNT DIE.I edited this myself, I am not an amazing editor by any means and I never will be. But I tried a lot of new editing techniques and ideas and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out and I hope you are too.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------Follow Me: To My 2nd Channel: A Fan: My Justin.TV/Twitch.TV channel: A TROUTED T-shirt At: A Fantasy Premier League Team Here:http:// Then Join My League With This Code: 1241775-282939