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Commodity Coalition White Paper My 2005 Article Warren Edward Pollock (wepollock) goes into bulldog mode once again as he trades texts and emails with media darling CFTC's Bart Chilton. Warren likes to talk to the issue not the person so my words to Bart was to get away from the media and congress and to get himself into the bankruptcy court on our behalf.. I do believe he is one of the good guys, but using the corporate strategy of success at the cost of failure is not acceptable. I review that pending status of commodity certificates as either pooled or identifiable property. I talk about DSRO Designated SElf Regulatory Organizations and the idea of Fiduciaries where you are supposed to care for others assets in preference and in advance of your own interests. I mention a call pending front the COO of the CME. Also, I discuss the idea of leadership as a solutions point, where are the leaders? where are the executives? I mention the concept of a PUBLIC fiduciary which something the banks still do not get this day. I contrast accounting standards and application by Price Waterhouse to that of now defunct Arthur Anderson. I mention a 2005 article I wrote predicting this very thing... Where is FASB Financial Standards? For a tidy commission, Wall Street firms are happy to establish trust funds to organize, place, sell and administer asset-backed securities. In these instruments, your debt via a car loan represents someone else's asset. Behold the ...