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Thank you all for the support, and yes I have a life. Most people waste 8 hours a day sleeping, I sleep 6 hours a day, thats 2 bonus hours to relax and make video's like this. ;)I also want to point out an important fact, there's no team involved, just myself. A lot of news sites are saying it was put together by a team, sorry thats not the case. it was all done solo.What the press are saying:*'G4TV - " Holy crap. My hat goes off to YouTube user ParadiseDecay and yours should too"*'Kotaku' - "This is hot-blooded machinima, Minecraft's blocks used to recreate whole sequences from the end of Star Wars."*'Adult Swim' - "You know, if we took all the Minecraft geniuses and put them on curing cancer, we'd probably have it licked in a week!"*'Bluesnews' - "This is pretty awesome...."*'Flesh Eating Zipper' - "Oh My JEEBUS!"*'GameFront' - "Mind Blowing!"*'The Escapist' - "Awesome-sauce"*'Toms Hardware' - "Torches lighting up the interior of Darth Vader's TIE Fighter = too funny. Zombies walking across the face of the Death Star = priceless.",14153.htmlI also got a mention in the main Kotaku 'Minecraft Review'! (but I don't wear ninja turtle costumes *wink )TRIVIA: Watch it a 2nd time..... and see if you can spot the hidden 'Nether Portal'?To celebrate my 99th video I've decided to mark the occasion with this special video. It's been 4 months in the making....Everything in the video has been built by hand!I have tried to re-create the Death Star trench section as close to the original model, as featured in the film. This you will be able to see in the 'Making of..... video'.No special effects or mods have been used..... its all vanilla Minecraft!I did use an editor to put together the final set peice and I did use a Death Star Schematic for the long shots of the Death Star. (*See Below)No wookies we're harmed in the making of this video, but many creepers died.*Special thanks to Tyken132 for having the Death Star Schematic available to download from his site: Thanks to:George Lucas Entertainment Williams Notch for making all this possible. May The Force Be With You, And Thanks For Watching! -George Lucas... you are my idol you defined my life!