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I am a medium writing this down so in case something happens to me the knowledge will go on to help whoever needs it. I wrote this book to precisely show people the secret world that lies within each of us. There's nothing new agey- it's a precise analysis of your souls anatomy and how to access it for anything from hearing and seeing spirits to magnetizing your deepest desires. This knowledge has been kept secret for eons and it is only humanitarian to show people how to access themselves better and make a deeper connection to their God and the spirit world. Learn how to make contact with that part of your mind that connects to the other worlds or just learn how to magnetize what you want towards you. When you get your psychic mechanism working the body becomes an instrument to either improve the mundane- or connect to the divine. You also possess profound healing abilities to help those around you, and you will learn how to actuate this propensity. A tool box to help all dreams come true, this is a definitive book that will launch you forward with your life. This book comes out in about 6 weeks- but the unedited version is available on Kindle.