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As a Medium and a Psychic ( for those of you who need to know, psychic work is like child play compared to a medium). Communicating with animals is much easier than communicating with spirits- since we are both on the same plane of awareness. The Ancient Egyptians and the Native Americans believed animals were sacred and had pure spirits because they were pure emotion, therefore they were higher evolved compared to man. Animals have their own forms of communicating and much of it is done through their eyes. They signal constantly and it must make them feel so sorry for us that we can't see, hear and smell as good as they do. Still, we sometimes do wish to make contact, in case they get lost or aren't feeling well- perhaps they have a secret to tell us. This small clip will give you some powerful tools and help the animals bond with you in another way. Don't be surprised if they start popping up into your dreams, and if you really need intervention on their behalf ask St. Francis to help you (it doesn't matter if you're not a Catholic). AS we evolve intellectually they evolve emotionally and nature put this symbiosis in place to help us all ascend upwards together.