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or - For several years, our live stream has been powered by a Mac Mini. It's small enough to sit on a shelf and stay out of the way and powerful enough to handle live video streaming with minimal hiccups or shortcomings. While it certainly isn't the cheapest computer on the market, it is the cheapest Mac on the market. The new line of Mac Minis have a boost in terms of processing power over previous models. It could be argued that the Mini is capable of handling pretty much anything quite a lot, even compared to other PCs in its price range. Is it worth it? That depends on you. The Mac Mini has certainly been worth it for us considering how many hours of uninterrupted video streaming can be attributed to this little wonder. Like any personal computer, it isn't perfect. The value in any computer exists in the experience for the user. The question isn't whether or not it's worth it to everyone, but whether or not it's worth it to you. You can watch the entire episode of TLDR here