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or For most people, picking out a pair of glasses seems to be all about the frames. Which ones will look good with the shape of your face? Do you want to look trendy or professional? Sure, the way they look is important, but people often forget that it's equally if not more important what goes into those frames - your lenses. Airwear lenses by Essilor are the lighter, safer and greener lens choice for adults and children. Essilor and Airwear know the importance of choosing the very best lenses for you, which is why they've developed their lenses to be 43 percent lighter than standard plastic options, twelve times stronger and more impact-resistant than standard plastic options, and they offer 100 percent UV protection. Not only that, but Airwear's commitment to green practices means that its products are made using eco-friendly manufacturing processes. it doesn't get much lighter, safer, or greener than that, people! Essilor and Airwear take making great lenses so seriously that they officially declared September 5th through September 11th of this year "Four Eyes Pride Week." While the official week may be over, they are still encouraging everyone to be smart about the lenses they choose and wear their glasses with pride! To learn more about Airwear's commitment to producing lighter, safer and greener eyewear for adults and children, visit Facebook Twitter: