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Warren Pollock (wepollock) out foxes CNN and Reuters (Bloomberg CNBC did not attend at all) by asking hard questions of James Koutoulas regarding MF Global, in front of US Bankruptcy court, Bowling Green Manhattan. CNN tried to push him out of the way, a Reuters "reporter" scoffed, yet I bulldog to the real issues and concerns on this important issue as the mainstream media dozes in a coma. While the CME may back peddle; Warren talks to a retiree who lost all her money. We talk about JPM trying to run the show during bankruptcy as a fox in the henhouse; the CFTC, the CME and roles and responsibility. Items CNN won't cover include the two MF Global bankruptcies and balance sheets in play. One balance sheet containing customer money; the other used for speculation. If the speculative side dipped into customer funds a clawback must occur! I am sure JMP would not like that outcome. Was there fraudulent conveyance? Why is speculation still occurring if customer funds were at play in the speculative side of the house. JPM delaying motions with continuances.