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Having some fun with my digital drums and a song I wrote. Here's the lyrics: Gone A pretty woman can always have her way, she can go, or she can stay. They know they're in demand. The heart of any man they can command. They can run your life. They can ruin your life, if you let 'em. No big deal to them, how you feel, but to you it all seems so unreal, how they can change their man like a new pair of shoes. Then they calmly break you the news. You're out, he's in. Don't bother thinking about what could have been. Just move on, and be thankful for the time you had, get a grip, don't feel so sad. You said some things you shouldn't have said, now you're feeling you'd be better off dead. But listen to her one last time, the hard cold truth you gotta get it into your mind. It's time to move on, your cook, your maid, your lover is gone. Written By: John Young aka Fang1961 Here's a link to more info, and of course, VIDS!