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Having some fun with my digital drums and a couple of songs I wrote, they seem to have evolved into one song now .,., I hope they're happy together .,., LOL Here's the lyrics: Crazy .,., crazy over you, call me crazy for the things I do, nothing after work to do, just beer, and wine, and cigarettes , ok , maybe a few regrets, regrets over losing you, so go ahead and call me crazy, if you want to, but, I'm crazy over you. Yeah girl if I'm crazy, I'm crazy over you. Don't tell me to find something else to do, I can sit around and be crazy over you, if I want to .,., Sue Here's to you Well, here's to you! Suzie Q! Everything you do comes back to you. Just wait and see, all the things we did will come back to you and me. All the love we shared. I only wish you really cared. I can't stop loving you. But you're not here, so what do I do? Sit around and think of you? I guess that's what I'll do. Just sit around and think of you. Suzie! Suzie Q! Written By: John Young aka Fang1961